The Sport of Canyoneering

“Canyoneering the Colorado Plateau” examines the geologic development of the slot canyons of southern Utah, the early human uses of the canyons and the modern sport of canyoneering. Meet guidebook authors Michael Kelsey and Steve Allen. Go on remarkable journeys with expert canyoneer Tom Jones. Take a look at some of the training available to those who want to try the sport. Go along with the Zion National Park search and rescue team on a training exercise and listen to discussions about canyoneering safety, park permits, and canyoneering ethics. See how some canyoneers spend their winter off-season and look at the future of the sport.

CAUTION: Canyoneering can be dangerous. Escape out the sides of a canyon is often impossible, and completion of the descent is the only possibility. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of many canyons, rescue can be impossible for several hours or several days.

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Bonus Features

In addition to this music video, the DVD contains an interview with director/videographer Jon Smith and extended interviews with guides and authors Michael Kelsey, Steve Allen, and Tom Jones. Also included are interviews with Rich Carlson of the American Canyoneering Association and Ray O’Neil of Zion National Park.

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Stills taken during the production of the documentary. These photos are used with permission of the photographers. All rights reserved.

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